Hockey Training Follow Along Workout Program Launched

Follow Along Hockey Workout Program has launched a new "follow along" workout program that hockey players can do from the comfort of their own homes!

The team at, lead by popular strength and conditioning coach Dan Garner, has released a new Hockey Training Program that allows hockey players to perform hockey specific workouts from home, with no equipment needed.

The new "At Home Follow Along Hockey Workouts" training program is modeled after popular fitness DVD and video series' that are done by customers at home while following the workouts through video and performing them alongside the demonstration.

This hockey training program contains 4 different workouts that that hockey players can choose from and follow along with alongside the hockey players demonstrating the workouts.  The workouts include two conditioning style workouts for hockey players, an upper body, and a lower body hockey workout.

While some of the programs focus on one aspect of hockey development (such as speed or conditioning), this At-Home Follow Along hockey training program focuses on all around development - including but not limited to: speed, power, explosiveness, agility, conditioning, and strength.  This makes the program great for hockey players with all different goals.

The workouts can all be done without any equipment whatsoever, which is why it has quickly become a best seller program for the Hockey Training team.  The training program also uses mainly body-weight movements, making it safe for hockey players of all ages.

An example of a hockey workout that can be done without equipment and at home can be found on Garner's website here: Bodyweight Hockey Workout.

Garner has worked with many high level athletes, including NHL players, as well as pro athletes from leagues such as the MLB, NFL, and UFC.  Although Coach Garner works with professional athletes, he also has many clientele who are parents of youth athletes looking for help in developing their child. More information about hockey training and Coach Garner's hockey training articles can be found at


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